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Workshop New Silk Road & Egyptian-Italian Dialogue on the Maritime Sector | Alexandria, Egypt

3356faca-9bb8-4d15-828b-30eca900ccef On September in Alexandria, Egypt, there will be two events: the Workshop New Silk Road and BRI and  the Egyptian-Italian Dialogue on the Maritime Sector.

The workshop will be held on September, 17th, and the bilateral conference Egyppt-Italy will be held the day after, September, 18th.

Alessandro Panaro, Head of the Maritime & Mediterrenean Dept. of SRM, will be among the Italian delegation and he will attend the events with a speech on “The challenges of the Mediterrenean: economic scenario and forecast”.

The bilateral conference – organized by the Italian Embassy in Egypt with the collaboration of the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Chamber of Commerce – Egypt – will be characterize by fourth 4 working groups: 1) Ports & Shipping; 2) Logistics, services and Consultancy 3) Shipbuilding 4) Business Associations.


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