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The Arctic Route | Join the Webinar organised by SRM, Intesa Sanpaolo and IAI

webinar arctic route


Join the webinar The Arctic Route. Climate change impact, Maritime and economic scenario, geo-strategic analysis and perspectives on Friday, July 3rd at 12pm.

Among the international speakers of the webinar: Romano Prodi, Former Italian PM and President of the European Commission.

In the framework of the partnership between Intesa Sanpaolo and IAI, the webinar will present the main results of the SRM and Intesa Sanpaolo report on maritime and economic scenario, geo-strategic analysis and perspectives of the Arctic route.

The report provides insightful outcomes through a multidisciplinary approach combining different sources of information and considering the possible implications of the Covid-19 pandemic: the great potential as a maritime energy corridor in the short-term, and as a cargo transoceanic route in the long-term; environmental issues for shipping and energy extraction; the challenges posed by the complex legal framework; a geopolitical context in balance between competition and cooperation.

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