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SRM speaker at the Adriatic Connectivity Forum

Puglia Region has organised the “Adriatic Connectivity Forum” which will be held on next Wednesday 17th (h. 14.00-17.30) and Thursday 18th (h. 9.30-12.00) February 2021 exclusively online.

The Forum aims to bring into focus the transport connectivity and the opportunities that may arise from the development of the Connectivity Agenda in the Adriatic – Ionian Macro-regional area. The goal is to promote and support the institutional dialogue among public Authorities, policy makers, think tanks, EU Institutions, International Financial bodies and key stakeholders towards an integrated approach between the EUSAIR Strategy, the Trans-European Corridors and the Connectivity Agenda in the Western Balkans, in the attempt to place this area in the global map of transport networks.

Which opportunities for the economic development may emerge from a joint vision of the large connection networks? How to benefit from the current and planned transport infrastructure? How to plan an infrastructure that promotes the region and directly contributes to its growth? What is the state of the art of the Adriatic-Ionian Corridor and the Corridor VIII? Moreover, what is or might be the role of the Apulian, Albanian and Montenegrin ports in the global transport connectivity network?

The Forum will try to answer all these questions.

On Thursday 18th (h. 10-45-12.00) February 2021, Alessandro Panaro, head of Maritime & Energy of SRM, will be speaker in the PANEL: “the role of South – Adriatic ports in the global transport connectivity network”.




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