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SRM in Sardinia with Intesa Sanpaolo

annual-report-2018After Naples, Ancon and Palermo we will present again our Annual Maritime Report 2018.  This time the presentation will take place in Cagliari on 6th July during the Intesa Sanpaolo Conference on Maritime Economy as opportunity for the territory.

The meeting will be open by Massimo Deandreis, general manager of SRM, Pierluigi Monceri, Regional Director of Lazio, Sardinia and Sicily, Intesa Sanpaolo, Massimo Deiana, president of Port network authority of Sandinian Sea, Francesco Pigliaru, president of Sardina Region.

A rounded table will follow. Giuseppe Deiana, journalist of the L’Unione Sarda will moderate the debate on  news and perspectives of the port system of Sardinia. Among the speakers: Maurizio De Pascale, Alberto Scanu, Giancarlo Acciaro, Antonio Musso, Alessandro Panaro. See the details

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