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SRM at Bocconi University to discuss about Woman in Shipping

buonfanti-bocconiOn February 28th the Shipping, Energy and Geopolitics Bocconi Student Association organized the Women in Shipping event at the Bocconi University in Milan. SRM, which counts on the presence of female researchers team in the maritime sector, was speacker with a contribution about main challenges and opportunities for the international maritime economy in the upcoming years. Moreover, about the role of women in the maritime private sector today.

The aim of the event was to analyze the role of women in the maritime transport sector, an industry that supports world trade and which contributes significantly to the global economy. Speakers mainly addressed global trade issues related to gender equality and other challenges that women face in a highly competitive but rewarding field of work.

Opening the event Nikos Therapos| President of Shipping, Energy & Geopolitics B.S.A.. Speakers:  Ilias G. Bissias, Professor of Strategy and Maritime Policy, ALBA Graduate Business School-ACG and editor of the magazine “Naftika Chronika“, one of the oldest maritime business magazines in the world. Anna Arianna Buonfanti, researcher of maritime economy at SRM. Raffaella del Prete, Reefer Terminal Manager at APM Terminals and member of WISTA. The point of view of the European Union will be introduced by Ms Magdalena Andreea Strachinescu, head of the unit “Maritime innovation, marine knowledge and investment” at the European Commission. The event will be coordinated by Prof. Paola Antonia Profeta, associate professor at Bocconi University.

The event was held at the Bocconi University, Ground Floor, Room 4, (Sarfatti 25, Milan).

Download the Program

Download the presentation of Arianna Buonfanti, Senior Researcher of SRM


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