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Shipping Updates by Mediocredito Italiano

A report on the trend of the major segments of maritime transport in 2013 – with an update to the first months of 2014 – can be downloaded for free in the section Shipping Updates. This report is prepared by Mediocredito Italiano’s Desk Shipping and focuses on the following segments: dry bluk, liquid bulk, container ships, offshore.

The first semester of 2013 has been marked by a further economic slowdown and by a substantial expansion of the world fleet, with negative consequences on the major shipping segments. By contrast, in the second semester of 2013, the US economy showed some positive sign along with the rise in Chinese imports, it has led to an increase in the demand for ships. However, fewer ship deliveries than expected have slowed the growth of the world fleet with an increase in the demand for ships by 6% and an average usage rate of the fleet of 85% (+1% compared to 2012).

As regards 2014, on the 30th of April for the first time since 2011, Moody’s changed its outlook on the maritime industry from negative to stable, on the basis of an expected growth of EBITDA in the maritime transport sector. In addition, Moody’s affirms that despite the cargo hold capacity oversupply, the ratio between supply and demand in maritime transport is not going to deviate from the point of balance by no more than 2%.

The report (English and Italian version) can be downloaded for free. Web registration is required.

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