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Propellers | Maritime competition and cooperation: Spain and Italy Clusters

SRM tra i relatori della conferenza online Maritime competition and cooperation: Spain and Italy Clusters, organizzata da Propeller Clubs of Spain e Propeller Club Italy.

Consulta l’intervento di Alessandro Panaro



Giovedì 18 Febbraio 2021

Opening Remarks:
PRESIDENTS of The International Propeller Clubs Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao y Algeciras
Umberto MASUCCI, President of The International Propeller Clubs, Italy

Keynote Speakers:
Alessandro PANARO, Head of Maritime & Energy Dep., SRM
Lluís PARÍS, Commercial Manager of Port de Barcelona


Miguel Angel PALOMERO, Spanish Speakers Introduction
Alessandro PANARO, Italian Speakers Introduction
Short Sea Shipping
Zeno D’AGOSTINO, CEO RAM SpA – Logistica – Infrastrutture – Trasporti
Matteo CATANI, CEO Grandi Navi Veloci – GNV
Mario MASSAROTTI, General Manager Grimaldi Logistics Spain
Tomás PELLISÉ, General Manager Barcelona Container Depot
Marcello DI CATERINA, Vice President and General Manager ALIS
New Energies
Valentina INFANTE, Head fo LNG and storage infrastructures Edison.
Baltasar POZUELO General Manager of Area 8, Green Hydrogen Areas, Access to European Founds
for New Energies Mobility
Daniele ROSSI, President Italian Ports Association
Álvaro SÁNCHEZ MANZANARES, Secretary of Puertos del Estado



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