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International Dry Bulk Shipping Trend in China’s Perspective

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China has gradually become a big energy and resource user in the global scale into the 20th century. China’s iron ore and coal imports are taking rapidly rising shares in global seaborne trade, with “China factors” getting predominant for determining the global dry bulk market. In recent years, the shipping industry has been suffering, and China’s dry bulk shipping market is also changing quietly. This article analyzes the changes of China factors and the resulting impact on the global shipping market from perspectives of industrial chain structures of various cargoes.

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This paper is extracted from the SRM’s 6th “Italian Maritime Economy” Report .

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Big Data-based analysis report on world’s top container shipping routes and ship types

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This paper is written by the Shipping & Port Big Data Laboratory (SPBD-Lab) of the Shanghai International Shipping Institute (SISI). In this report, the SPBD-Lab first divides the world into 31 regions, and then analyzes and studies the shipping routes defined by different combinations of ships connecting these regions, excluding those without any shipping capacity (334 shipping routes).  Then the SPBD-Lab figures out a corresponding performance indicator through comprehensive calculation of various data of each ship type sailing on the shipping routes. The indicator takes into account a slew of factors, such as ship busyness, proportion of newly commissioned ships, speed and shipping capacity to measure whether a ship type is popular on a shipping line, which can serve as a reference for shipping companies when they put ships into service.

This paper is available only in the English version.

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