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Port Infographics 1 – 2019

This publication is the new result of the partnership between SRM and Assoporti. The new issue was entirely realized through the use of infographics. The objective is to offer the reader an immediate view of the phenomenon being analyzed and the main statistics related to it.
The Newsletter aims to offer operators a glimpse of the Mediterranean and of ports, as well as Italy’s positioning.Rich in data and information, the newsletter focuses not only on the main traffic data, but also on maritime phenomena such as naval gigantism, the Silk Road, ZES and Free Zones. All elements that will impact on the competitiveness of port infrastructures not only in the Mediterranean.There is also a focus on the SUEZ channel and on maritime export, a parameter that measures our international projection.

The interview with Henk de Bruijn, Manager of the Port of Rotterdam, concludes the publication, with a focus on the North European Model and the port’s role in relations with the city.

You can download the Italian version.

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Trends and perspectives of the automotive sector in Europe and Italy | Focus on Livorno’s port

The report  is carried out by SRM with the collaboration of the Port Network Authority of North Tyrrenian Sea.

The research analyses Automotive industry at Italian and international level, with a reference to the overall import-export and maritime market that the port of Livorno serves. In the second part, the study focuses on the maritime transport of vehicles – in particular new cars – and the role of terminals in the automotive supply chain.

This paper is available only in the Italian version.


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Analysis of Italy’s Competitors: German Ports

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With this short report begins the process of investigating the ports of the countries in competition with Italy. The first country analysed within this process is Germany, which given its geographical features and export vocation, attaches strategic value to logistics and to the maritime trading of goods, as confirmed by the World Bank, which ranks Germany second in the world for logistics competitiveness, just behind Singapore.The results achieved are the fruit of the major efforts made by Germany over the years to support the development of the sector, also through the construction of the port of Hamburg and of the Frankfurt airport, which have made the country the most important logistics hub in Europe.

The report (English and Italian version) may be purchased from this website in digital version, at a discounted price.

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