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The Belt and Road Initiative: analysis of a geo-strategic phenomenon and reflections on the role of Italy and of its port system

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Much has already been said and written on the Belt and Road Initiative, especially following the Chinese president’s visit in Italy in March 2019, which provided the opportunity to sign a Memorandum of Understanding including several collateral agreements ranging from infrastructure and transport to exchange of data and know-how and included trade agreements and partnership projects in the fields of research and industry.

Before discussing the core of this paper, it seems necessary to briefly outline the reasons that led to the initial design, development and expansion of the BRI, which is already encompassing more than 100 countries and seems bound to involve many more.

This paper is extracted from the SRM’s 6th “Italian Maritime Economy” Report .

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Portuality of the Mezzogiorno: evolution of regulations and functions

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This article, elaborated by the Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea, concerns the portuality of the Mezzogiorno (Southern Italy). In particular, it describes the evolution of regulations and the functions, with a focus on Italian ports and analyses of routes and traffic.

The research (English and Italian version) may be purchased from this website in digital version.

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