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Port Infographics 1 – 2019

This publication is the new result of the partnership between SRM and Assoporti. The new issue was entirely realized through the use of infographics. The objective is to offer the reader an immediate view of the phenomenon being analyzed and the main statistics related to it.
The Newsletter aims to offer operators a glimpse of the Mediterranean and of ports, as well as Italy’s positioning.Rich in data and information, the newsletter focuses not only on the main traffic data, but also on maritime phenomena such as naval gigantism, the Silk Road, ZES and Free Zones. All elements that will impact on the competitiveness of port infrastructures not only in the Mediterranean.There is also a focus on the SUEZ channel and on maritime export, a parameter that measures our international projection.

The interview with Henk de Bruijn, Manager of the Port of Rotterdam, concludes the publication, with a focus on the North European Model and the port’s role in relations with the city.

You can download the Italian version.

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Mediterranean Ports – May 2016

This publication is the result of a partnership between SRM and Assoporti. This six-monthly newsletter aims to offer an overview to the operators on the Mediterranean and on the meaning of the port dynamics developing in its wake. And Italy is on the frontlines, striving to achieve a clear and solid development of its ports and of the system connected to them. Analysis and data are corroborated by interviews conducted with the main players of international port systems. In this issue we have: Eamonn O’Reilly (Chief Executive at Dublin Port Company) and Santiago Garcia-MilĂ  (Deputy Director General of Barcelona Port Authority).

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