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Accessibility and ports system: functional and strategic relationships for a local development of Apulia

It has been given an important role in development policies and urban regeneration to the accessibility and to the renewed interest in the growth of trade routes in the Mediterranean Sea, concurrently with the development of cruise tourism and the awareness about the necessary implementation of green policies. Lately, in this context, a strategic role has been played by Apulian ports (Bari, Brindisi and Taranto) which have tried to adopt the principles of environmental sustainability and have allowed firms to exercise significant leadership functions by implementing a good interaction, although it isn’t complete yet, between port system and economic system, through the authorities and the local political institutions. The goal to be undertaken is the consideration of accessibility in Apulia which, as it’s known, doesn’t concern only the presence of natural factors. Therefore, for a proper economic and social development, we can’t ignore the observation and analysis of the environmental and cultural reality in which systems identified are included, because it helps to un-derstand if there are favorable conditions in the environment or impediments to its development.

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