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Current and future scenario for shipping companies

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The global containership fleet grew by 5.7% to reach 22 million TEU at the end of 2018, according to Alphaliner figures. Forecasts see a further increase in Cellular Fleet capacity to reach almost 24 million TEU in 2020. A glance at historical data on orderbook gives us some ideas about the trend in global activity (or throughput) in the container transport sector; carriers’ mood about the present time and their expectation on future activities.

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This paper is extracted from the SRM’s 6th “Italian Maritime Economy” Report .


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The Silk Road: current state of affairs, investments in infrastructure and opportunities of a great development project

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Many economists and researchers of geo-economics define the One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR), recently renamed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), as one of the most important investment projects in modern history. This paper, after an analysis of the main economic data, focuses on the investments (expanding the analysis to those not comprised in the 65 countries identified) and then moves on to take into consideration foreign trade of these countries and their bilateral trade with Italy.

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