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Corridors and logistical efficiency of territories – 2020 Edition

The role of sustainability and district tradition in enhancing the value of Italian manufacturing

The path taken in 2019 by SRM and Contship with the redation of the first study on the perception of the efficiency of logistics corridors, by the manufacturing companies of Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto, continues.
The main objective of the report remains to provide a clear picture of the performance of logistics systems, as perceived by Italian manufacturing companies trading imports and exports. The ambition is to provide companies, associations, public institutions and logistic operators with data and ideas which might influence their choices, investments and development strategies.
Through this investigation, we try to answer complex and articulated questions, concerning the logistic corridors used by the companies that use containers to transport their goods, analyzing the preferred modes of transport used to reach the port infrastructures from the company headquarters and vice versa, and identifying the Italian ports which these companies prefer to use to receive imports and ship exports.
The new edition integrates the suggestions collected through a series of technical focus groups, composed by shippers and cargo owners. Among the novelties of the latest edition, readers will find a focus on the reasons that determine the logistical choices of companies, a drill down on sustainability and a new section, dedicated to one of the best performing production clusters, in terms of export, the wine district of Conegliano – Valdobbiadene.

Video Webinar (Italian version)
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Corridors and logistical efficiency of territories – December 2018

The result of a survey on Italian manufacturing companies

Edited by SRM and Contship Italia Group, the Report is an analysis on logistics corridors efficiency for containerized cargo, seen by the eyes of manufacturing industries from the three main Italian exporting regions: Lombardia, Emilia Romagna and Veneto“. The Report is available in Italian and English version.

The study offers a quantitative analysis, with two ambitions. 1) Progressively extend the panel to other Italian regions, to transform the report into a permanent look-out. 2) Simplify the “sentiment” using a new index named QIL2 (quality Logistics Italian Index).

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