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International Dry Bulk Shipping Trend in China’s Perspective

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China has gradually become a big energy and resource user in the global scale into the 20th century. China’s iron ore and coal imports are taking rapidly rising shares in global seaborne trade, with “China factors” getting predominant for determining the global dry bulk market. In recent years, the shipping industry has been suffering, and China’s dry bulk shipping market is also changing quietly. This article analyzes the changes of China factors and the resulting impact on the global shipping market from perspectives of industrial chain structures of various cargoes.

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This paper is extracted from the SRM’s 6th “Italian Maritime Economy” Report .

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Maritime and logistic presence of China in the Med & Gulf Area: from a transit sea to a strategic sea

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The paper highlights the role of China in maritime traffics and logistics of the Widened Med Countries. The Mediterranean Basin, in fact, is becoming increasingly strategic for the Asian giant, as evidently showed by the analysis of the investment plans of China in the Med Area. More in general, the Asian giant plans to establish a new “Silk Road”, both maritime and on rail, with the objective of promoting its role in global trade, of integrating more the Euro-Asian markets and of finding new openings for its productions. The impact that this great project is going to have on the port system and the logistics of the Mediterranean and Italy is going to be massive: it is going to inevitably favour those Countries that are able to offer high port efficiency and cutting edge logistics; this represents an important challenge for Italy.

This paper is extracted from the SRM’s 6th Annual Report on “Economic relations between Italy and the Mediterranean area – November 2016″.

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