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In this section, the topic of finance is investigated from both the points of view of public finance, with papers and analyses on the financing of maritime infrastructures using financial instruments and strategies laid out by the public sector, and of private finance, with focus sections on financing instruments addressed to the business sectors of the maritime economy. A selection of European tenders in the sector is also provided.

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Status and trend of the global shipping finance focusing on Europe, China, and South Korea

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As European countries, China and South Korea are key players in global shipping industry, their shipping finance and related shipping policies have a huge impact on global shipping market. Therefore, this paper aims to analyse the status and trend of global shipping finance, especially focusing on Europe, China, and South Korea.

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Regional Operative Plan: Special focus on transports in Southern Regions – FESR 2014-2020

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This paper aims to illustrate some of the main aspects related to the transport sector contained in the Programmazione Operativa Regionale (POR) 2014-2020 of Southern Italy’s Regions. The PORs of Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily have been analysed taking into account: a) investment priorities, b) areas of intervention, c) specific objectives, d) actions carried out to achieve goals, e) ways of funding, f) support from EU and national government. After that, we will present the different kinds of contributions from European Funds, the plans submitted by Italy to receive co-financing, the growth goals and a focus on Southern Italy’s regions, which will all be examined individually at the end.

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Analysis of financial and infrastructure planning of Italian ports – 2014

This paper is an extract from the project work carried out within the VI edition of the Master’s degree in shipping, logistics, finance and business strategy of I.P.E., which was presented in Naples on 2nd July 2014.The objective of this work is to examine the major infrastructures which will be built into the ports in the future, and to analyse the financial resources necessary for their implementation and the added value these infrastructures are required to meet for ports to trade effectively. The project also implied the analysis of the Port Authorities’ their three-year operational plans (TYOP) and the plans of any public works.

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