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This section, dedicated to port and shipping activities, includes research papers, focus articles, and interviews with Italian and foreign industry leaders. The ports are assessed from the point of view of their economic impact on the territory in which they are located, and of their appeal in terms of investments and the international competitiveness of their infrastructures. The ship-owning industry is analysed through research papers and comparisons between Italian and foreign industry players. Special emphasis will also be placed on the insurance sector.

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Interview with Mare Straetmans, Managing Director Port XL

Mare Straetmans is currently the managing director of PortXL, the World Port Accelerator. The Port of Rotterdam is the innovation hub for port business around the world. PortXL is aiming to develop an ecosystem for port startups worldwide. PortXL focusses on scouting the best startups, and bring them to Rotterdam for three months, to find their first clients. This way building the port business of the future.

Interview with Ami Daniel, Co-founder and CEO of Windward

Windward is a maritime data and analytics company that offers specialized data and services to government agencies and private corporations. We collect and analyze over 200 million data points per day. We convert this massive amount of data into information that our clients can act on, in real time. The Windward team, 75 and growing, is comprised of data scientists and shipping experts who work together to shed light on what’s really happening at sea.

Interview with Daniele Testi, President of SOS LOG

Sustainable Logistics. This means logistics that aim to offer the service and economical conditions demanded by the market, at the same time seeking all the most appropriate solutions from the environmental and mobility point of view, connected with the transport, delivery and recycling of products and goods. Sustainable Logistics seeks, finally, to promote more efficient logistics that are, at the same time, more respectful of the quality of life. We spoke about this issue with Daniele Testi, President of SOS-LOGistica (Association for Sustainable Logistics).

Interview with Paul Valery Spallino, Trade and Sales Manager (Italy) Seago Line (Maersk Group)

Ports, terminals, infrastructural projects, and economic forecasts are some of the topics covered in this interview with Paul Valery Spallino, Trade and Sales Manager (Italy) Seago Line, a company of the Maersk Group specialized in intra-Europe trade, which includes the areas of Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Interview with Guglielmo Davide Tassone, CEO of BLG Logistics Solutions Italia

One of the most sophisticated and cutting-edge sectors in innovation and international competitiveness is logistics. The interview with the CEO of the Italian branch of BLG Logistics Solutions, a multinational company operating in this industry, demonstrates the growing use of sustainable logistics to expand the competitiveness of enterprises.

Interview with Vincenzo Re, Line Manager Middle East Area of Ignazio Messina & C.

Ignazio Messina & C. is a shipping company established in 1921, head quartered in Genoa with branches in Modena, Naples and other cities in Europe and worldwide, it is currently owned by the Messina and Gais families. This interview with Vincenzo Re – Line Manager Middle East Area Ignazio Messina & C. –  outlines the company’s profile, its lines of development and the role of Italy, with its opportunities and its challenges, in the company’s growth strategies.

Interview with Alberto Rosotto – SKF Logistics Services Italy

SRM in collaboration with SOS-Log, interviewed Alberto Rosotto, Business Development & Accounts Manager of SKF Logistics Services Italy, a major international player in industrial logistics operating in 40 sectors. This interview focuses on logistics and especially on logistics sustainability.

Interview with Giuseppe Rocco – Solacem (Port of Torre Annunziata)

In Italy, when talking about ports, usually one lingers on the territory where the port authority is located, failing to analyze in depth the surrounding and smaller ports which are nevertheless important on a strategic and economic point of view. One of these realities is the third port of Campania, the Port of Torre Annunziata, which is also internationally oriented. This and other topics were discussed with Giuseppe Rocco, General Director of SOLACEM Spa, a company of integrated port logistics, operating since 1967 in the port of Torre Annunziata, more specifically in the fields of debarking operations, the handling of cereals and flours and of their distribution in the south of Italy and in the Mediterranean in general.

Interview with Dennis Kögeböhn – Hamburg Port Consulting

This interview was released during the scientific mission carried out by SRM in Hamburg in order to have a better understanding of the strategies and problems affecting the maritime sector of Germany, which is considered one of the top European country as for maritime logistics. In particular, we interviewed Dennis Kögeböhn (DK), Partner at EMBA shipping & Logistics, HPC – Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH, who gave an “itinerant” interview in the HHLA terminal of Hamburg port providing valuable information about its structure and functioning.

Interview with Dirk Max Johns – German Shipwoners Association

In 2015, SRM carried out a scientific mission in Hamburg with the aim of gaining a better knowledge of the strategies and the issues regarding the maritime sector in a country like Germany, which is considered one of the top European countries as for maritime logistics. During the mission, SRM interviewed top players in the industry like Dirk Max Johns, Managing Director of VDR (Verband Deutscher Reeder), the industry association representing the German shipowners.

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