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Civitavecchia | A new workshop of Intesa Sanpaolo to present our Maritime Report

civitavecchia-mareOn Thursday 24 ottobre 2019 Intesa Sanpaolo has organised a conference  in collaboration with SRM with the aim to discuss about  the maritime sector, that is strategic for Italy’s international relations and an important factor of competitiveness. During the meeting SRM has presented the Annual Report “Italian Maritime Economy 2019″.

Speakers: Pierluigi Monceri, Head of “Direzione regionale Lazio, Sardegna e Sicilia” at Intesa Sanpaolo, Massimo Deandreis, General Mager of SRM, Francesco Maria Di Majo, President of the PNA of the Central Tyrrenian Sea, Stefano Cenci, President of Unindustria Civitavecchia and Marcello Di Martino, Commercial Director of “Imprese Lazio, Sardegna e Sicilia” at Intesa Sanpaolo.

Conference Proceedings (Italian version):



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