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Arctic Route: challenges and opportunities | Webinar Connecting EU Insights

arctic route

On October, 26th Connecting EU Insights the 4 day virtual event dedicated to the shipping industry and its transition towards the Green New Deal is off to start.

Digitali sation Evolutive Customs Corridors integration of the Supply Chain Smart T erminal s A I but also A rcti c R oute H ydrogen e Wind Propulsion are among the main issues of the digital event organized by Connecting EU, Business Unit of CIRCLE Group, scheduled to take place from 26 29 October.

“Arctic Route: challenges and opportunities” will be the subject of a specific event with the scientific partnership of SRM on October, 27th ottobre (8h30 – 10h00).

Among the speakers: Alessandro Panaro, Head of maritime & energy of SRM; Mark Scheerlinck, President Propeller Club Port of Antwerp; Tomi Solakivi, Asst. Professor (Tenure Track), Maritime Business Policy Operations Supply Chain Management Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku; Markku Mylly, CEO MyNavix.


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Press release (Italian version)

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