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About Maritime

Maritime Economy  is an SRM project aimed at establishing a permanent observatory on the maritime economy, a consolidated research area for SRM, which over the years has put together a committed team of dedicated researchers. To date, SRM has published numerous papers on the topics of maritime transport, logistics, and ports in Italy and its Southern Regions (the “Mezzogiorno”).

SRM believes it is necessary to invest in the industries in which the Italian economy can boast a consolidated and historical know-how, and this is especially true for the maritime sector, viewed as a fundamental link in an integrated logistics chain. Efficient and effective maritime transport fosters internationalisation, innovation, investments in infrastructures, and of course employment and GDP growth. Therefore, it has been, is, and will continue to be in the future one of the main drivers of the development of our economy.

The Maritime Economy Observatory substantiates into a website (in both English and Italian versions), that offers a wealth of analyses and studies on the topic of maritime transport, seen from a variety of standpoints: from the business side (e.g. the shipping industry), from the point of view of infrastructures (ports), and in terms of individual sectors and territories (for instance by taking a closer look at the maritime transport strategies pursued by other countries).

The research areas covered in this website are:

Maritime Indicators: monitoring and analysis of statistical and periodical economic data referred to the maritime sector. This area includes focus sections on infrastructures, business aspects, and regulations.

Maritime Finance: analysis of public and private finance initiatives, as well as updates on European tenders pertaining to the Maritime Economy.

Ports & Shipping
area with a scientific approach to the port and shipping sectors, that contains numerous publications including research papers, working papers, short focus papers. This section also acts as a technical and operational opinion “portal”, with interviews with leading Italian and foreign sector players.

The most significant papers offered during the year in the individual sections of the Observatory, plus a set of economic and statistical indicators, will be collected in an Annual Report: a useful tool in monitoring the trend of the Maritime Economy in Italy and in the Mezzogiorno, in a European and global perspective.

This website is directly linked with SRM’s other Observatory, on Economic Relations between Italy and the Mediterranean, with which the Maritime portal has established necessary and appropriate functional and operational synergies.

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