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    Italian Maritime Economy.  The Mediterranean as new key crossroads: outlooks, geomaps and Italy’s role on the Silk Road

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    The 2017 Report on the Maritime Economy has now reached its fourth issue and is based on two mainstays. Firstly, there is an analysis of the principal economic data of the sector on a national and global scale, with updates on the features of ports and shipping in the global, European and Italian scene as well as in-depth analyses of routes and dynamics of traffic. Secondly, this volume deals with the evolution of Chinese investment in ports and maritime terminals in the Mediterranean and in Northern Europe, a topic SRM has been following regularly over the last few years. This phenomenon has already had an influence on the Mare Nostrum and will probably continue for a long time, as evidenced by the huge plan of infrastructural investment that the Dragon is implementing in order to complete the One Belt One Road Initiative. This project provides for the creation of seaborne and land routes which will allow China to expand its trade relationship with Europe and Asia through the implementation and improvement of  transport infrastructure. Analyses are supported by fascinating and thought-provoking case studies.

    The Fourth Annual Report (English and Italian version) may be purchased from this website in digital version, at a discounted price. To request the version on paper (30 euros + shipping costs) write to comunicazione@sr-m.it

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