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    Italian Maritime Economy. China, energy corridors, ports and new routes: geomaps of a changing Mediterranean

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    The 2018 Report on the Maritime Economy is based on four mainstays. The first aims to provide a glimpse of the main data of the sector from a national and international point of view, including analyses of port traffic and transits through the major canals, the fleet and trends, as well as forecasts about the global maritime economy. The second continues in the wake of an argument that SRM follows with great care, represented by the port and logistical investments of China in the Mediterranean, in the Middle East and in Northern Europe. The third mainstay is represented by energy corridors, one of the new topics proposed this year. The fourth mainstay is represented by experiences on the field that SRM’s researchers continuously transfer to the Report. Since the end of 2017 the research team have carried out scientific missions in countries that stand out for important port and maritime investments and which are characterized by innovative port models in place.

    The Fifth Annual Report (English and Italian version) may be purchased from this website in digital version, at a discounted price. To request the version on paper (30 euros + shipping costs) write to comunicazione@sr-m.it

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