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    Italian Maritime Economy. The impact of Covid-19 on maritime transport: strategic routes and global scenarios. Intermodality and sustainability as keys to the Italian recovery

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    This year’s Report devotes much of its analyses to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on ports and maritime logistics. The phenomenon, in fact, has had considerable negative effects on all the indicators that measure the state of health of the sea economy and the economy in general. In this volume, SRM has carried out a detailed analysis of the various aspects with which the phenomenon is manifesting itself and has also tried, with reasoned estimates, to gauge the impact of the Coronavirus on our logistic system at a national level. In the first part of the volume, important events such as blank sailing, the reduction of the Suez Canal passages and the new configuration of world traffic have been monitored whilst providing an overview of the most recent trends of international trade maritime flows. In addition, a specific analysis is dedicated to providing a strategic vision on what could give our infrastructure more resilience to economic and health shocks in terms of drivers and port models for the future such as intermodality and sustainability, on which the second part of the research is focused. The third part, on the other hand, offers a focus of perspective, dedicated to a topic of great interest that is gradually rising to the forefront given the phenomenon of climate change: the Arctic sea route. This analysis has been carried out by SRM and Intesa Sanpaolo, with the collaboration of prestigious international study centers such as the University of Antwerp and the Shanghai International Shipping Institute.

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