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    Italian Maritime Economy. Suez, the role of China, the new Panama Canal: from global routes a more central Mediterranean

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    The Third Annual Report analyses the new phenomena that are currently shaping trends in maritime trade and looks closely at the situation in Italy. The first part of the report is concerned with a study of the competitiveness and economic scenarios of the Italian maritime system through data, statistics and indexes that analyse the competitiveness of the country. In the second part there are two monographic papers: one is about the ports of the Northern Range whilst the other is about the Panama Canal. The first paper highlights the importance of the port of Antwerp for the Belgian economy and for the whole Northern Range area. It also provides a comparison with the ports of Rotterdam and Hamburg and it focuses on the potential developments of these ports which may take place as a consequence of the opening of the new Panama Canal. This event, in fact, will generate medium and long-term effects on maritime trade. This is why it has been analysed in the second monographic paper. This study has been made possible thanks to the know-how SRM acquired during a mission it carried out in Panama in April 2016, when all the main operators involved in the realization of the infrastructure were heard.

    The Third Annual Report (English and Italian version) may be purchased from this website in digital version, at a discounted price. To request the version on paper (30 euros + shipping costs) write to comunicazione@sr-m.it

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